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Child Development Center

The Child Development Center is a child-centered program. We believe that each child is unique and can learn from hands-on experiences that encourage creativity and discovery. Our desire is to facilitate learning in a safe loving Christian environment. Children will learn to work alone and with others as well as express thoughts and ideas through music, art, centers, and play.

Full-Time ProgramsCDC1

Monday- Friday 6:30 am – 6:00 pm Twos-Pre-K
Children enrolled in full-time classes learn and grow together in small classes taught by loving teachers. Age-appropriate curriculum is used and activities are planned to encourage learning and discovery. Am/Pm snacks are provided daily. 


Part-Time Programs 

CDC2Monday/Wednesday/Friday //  9:00am-2:30pm Babies- Pre-K

Monday - Friday // 9:00am-2:30pm // Babies-Pre-K

Tuesday/Thursday // 9:00am-2:30pm // Babies- Pre-K. 

1/2 Day Pre-K Monday - Friday // 8:15-11:45

Monday- Friday  // 8:15-2:30 // Kindergarten

We observe BISD holidays and bad weather days. 

Parents are responsible for sending a sack lunch.


Chapel, Circle Time, and Music & Movement Class. Activities are age-appropriate and vary from class to class. Our facility offers an indoor playroom, gym, and age-appropriate outdoor playgrounds.line break

The children enrolled in the Child Development Center will learn:


Children will learn to share, develop social skills, and thrive in a loving Christian environment. The teachers will foster a creative classroom environment to encourage age-appropriate development. 

Two year-olds
Children in two-year-old classes discover their world by playing and learning together in centers. Teachers use the Wee Learn curriculum which includes a Bible story and weekly theme. Music, outdoor play, buggy rides, and the indoor playroom are an exciting part of CDC3their day.

Three year-olds
Teachers in the three-year-old classes will be using the ABeka curriculum as their guide for planning exciting weekly lesson plans. Activities include Chapel, music & Kid Fit classes, gym/playground time, circle time, and learning centers.

Four year-olds (Pre-K)
Pre-K Classes also use the ABeka curriculum as they experience an exciting year of learning. Their activities also include a daily Bible story, circle time, music & Kid Fit classes, Chapel, gym/playground time, learning centers, and many fun hands-on learning activities.

Child Development Center Fees

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